AOC Almost Murdered by Her Own Voters

AOC on Gray backdrop

In a recent scare, AOC was almost murdered by her own voters. At a sparsely attended townhall in the Bronx, several of her own voters took issue. They seemed to have a problem with some of the votes she had been making in congress recently.

The Voters yelled at her saying “NONE OF THIS MATTERS IF WE’RE ALL DEAD!” AOC who is known for telling her fans to make people uncomfortable was uncomfortable. She proceeded to call the attendees yelling rude. These voters went on and said she had no principals and Tulsi Gabbard was right.

AOC was experiencing the trifecta of almost murdered by her own voters, Tulsi Gabbard and Ted Cruz. DogFacePonia is not sure how Ted Cruz was involved but we do know that he must have been.

AOC then assured everyone that she was in fact not almost murdered by Nuclear Armageddon. AOC informed DogFacePonia that she had seen the Bruce Willis movie Armageddon and liked it well enough. Because of this she did vote for it. Really, she thought, has anyone ever been hurt by a nuclear bomb or two. AOC as you can expect, just like all other Democrats, voted for more and more money unchecked to Ukraine to keep the war going. We at DogFacePonia prefer not to be nuked or almost nuked.

AOC told The New York Times her office can barely keep up with the “astronomical” level of threats. We are not sure what kinds of threats, but it is hard to even take AOC almost serious. We do know that she is always working hard to defund the police and create experienced people to fill the role of almost protecting her.

Image: “Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez @ SXSW 2019” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by nrkbeta