The Real Slim Fauci

Street Sign at the corner of Eight Mile and Shadyside

Dr. Fauci came clean this week, saying that for the first time “…things we are going to do are going to be completely transparent open and honest”, suggesting that he lacked integrity before. Also suggesting he was willing to lie to the American People and the World. Regardless of his “feelings” about President Trump, it should not have mattered one iota what he thought President Trump wanted. Dr. Fauci should have had more backbone and not been disingenuous.

Many have questioned how many shots Fauci had to tell the truth before this, but he lost the moment. It was certainly more than one and he still missed it. So we can all see now, even if we did not before, Fauci is Shady.

We here at DogFacePonia were curious and had a member of our Insider-Expert team go back in time a day. He would get the behind the scenes on what Dr. Fauci is really saying to not only the American Republic but the Whole World.

Tom… We call him Tom, his real name is protected for Security and Health reasons. Tom our Insider-Expert gave us the low down, dirty scoop on Dr. Fauci’s message. It turns out Dr. Fauci, was really saying that he was under great scrutiny to tell the Truth about the China Virus B.W., that he felt great discomfort any time it was pointed out that he wasn’t.

This isn’t to say he didn’t very well try to mis-represent the Truth, and often did under the guise of ‘Science’. No matter how Slim the information provided you was, and that you either believe or be labeled a heretic.

A handful of NIH official study reports ranging from 2004 to 2015 tell a wild alternate story of the bad health effects of nose bags and their ineffectiveness toward flu like viruses.

Tom found, that it was more important to change the way science worked so that the official narrative would work, than maintain integrity.

In a surprising turn our Top Insider-Expert Tom, over heard Dr. Fauci’s team expressing Joy and giving Salutations that they were once again allowed to reconnect with their buddies over at the W.H.O. That way they could again regularly convene with their Chinese counterparts in order get their stories straight. To prevent the Public from getting mis-information from them that contradicted each other.

We were mildly shocked at the turn of events but despite this we had to let our endearing fans know the whole story. Other information may come out as we have discovered that Fauci is writing his memoirs titled “I am Afraid“.

Sadly, Tom had to relive a whole day since our P.A.S.T. Dept (Prime Aversion Science Team), has not figured out how to return someone without alternate timelines popping up.

Now we appear to know the Real Slim Fauci.

Image From : “I’m On The Shadyside Of 8 Mile” (CC BY 2.0) by nataliesophia