Striking a Cord


White House Corona Task Force advisor Anthony Fauci recovering from Foot-In-Mouth disease. Until recently, Dr. Fauci has dealt with a terrible disease, Foot-In-Mouth for at least 6 months that we know of, but may have been suffering from it much earlier than is currently known.

DogFaceonia Medical advisors can’t diagnose his condition, but can say that the signs are all there. Thankfully, someone noticed and he got help after all these months of it rearing its ugly head.

One of our Lying DogFacePony Soldiers on the inside (who will remain nameless for safety). Told us that for the Time being, Dr. Atlas will guide the Task Force into fresh waters in an effort to help the United States of America to get back to Beaches, Tailgating, and tasty Back Yard barbeques with friends, neighbors and family. Block Parties are also on the agenda moving forward!

We do hope that Dr. Fauci has a long and safe recovery.

Image From: “Anthony Fauci – Caricature” (CC BY 2.0) by DonkeyHotey