The UPS and Downs in Tucker-town

This morning we were “Surprised” to hear that ever so important documents were mishandled and lost by the United Parcel Service.(UPS). Some thought Tucker was lying (a lying dogface pony soldier?)

So we got some Dog Face Pony Soldiers on the ground as soon as we could and wouldn’t you know it, we had to send some more DFP Soldiers to go find them.

They were lost at the Distribution hub and we were told after some inquiries which was not easy having to find help through a phone system that uses circular methods.

Finally, finding the correct option for help regarding mis-delivered or lost packages, put us on hold waiting for a CSR and then got a computer automated message about no one available to answer due to CV-19 and hung up on us.

After an egregiously long time, we found a back door method in and got a helpful person (may still have been AI), and they sent people and security after our DFP Soldiers.

We come to find that UPS found Tucker Carlson’s missing documents, however we are now worried because the 2nd team of DFP Soldiers are also incommunicado and the first group is still missing and the only info we got is, ‘Not Our Problem Bro’.

We are glad that Tucker got a quick turn around on his missing documents, but were ever more upset that nothing else can be found.

We know all of this may not seem real but this is 2020 and some days soap operas are more real than reality.

Image From : Open Competition” (CC BY 2.0) by jurvetson