Exploding Mail Trucks is Normal

Voting by mail is an explosive issue and in case you don’t believe it, mail trucks have been exploding in large numbers. Old trucks were taken out of service because they exploded in all weather and in various locations (we thought global warming was to blame).

A Liberal conspiracy said the mail truck fire/explosion plan (Explode the Vote) was hatched by the White House so that ballots either would not reach the general population including but not limited to peaceful protesters, pets, children and dead people. Similarly, returned votes would not reach the election commission. All that was necessary was to have trucks explode while carrying ballots. The plan is limited because there is no way to make sure the trucks did explode while carrying ballots but it is said the Trump 2020 Campaign is working on it. The plan was implemented early to get the process down and protect postal workers. A secret memo apparently instructed postal workers to exit their truck in the event of smoke coming from their engines.

The Theory says The Post Office budget shortage was orchestrated to have to put older trucks back in service to deliver mail-in ballots.  These trucks are only used for this purpose. This was Trump’s intention when he resisted providing more postal service funding. That allowed him to have the Post Master General call older trucks into service because of mail-in voting. All Trump had to do was sit back and wait for their inevitable ignition. The older trucks were used in areas with mass mailing of ballots and for that purpose specifically. This will disenfranchise voters or force them to risk their lives by voting in person. Postal workers are catching on and refusing to deliver ballots without hazard pay.

The truck fires are taking place as ballots are mailed en masse to all voters in some states. They are likely to continue until after the election so avoid mail trucks for your own safety

This as an ingenious plan as it did not require 93% peaceful protesters to ignite them. Dogfaceponia is standing up for you and uncovered this sinister(made up) plot. However, If you do some research you might find this has been going on for a longtime. In the end, we still think if something is wrong with the post office, maybe Congress should get off their donkey and do something other than point fingers and make up bull discharge.

Image From: “bad day for mail trucks” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by bionicteaching