Typhoid Willie Spreads Disease

Bill Clinton with Microphone

We all know the story of Typhoid Mary. She was a carrier of typhoid. She was seemingly immune and spread the disease to others unknowingly. Now we have Typhoid Willie (and Hillary)! It seems the Clinton disease can only infect those close to Bill and Hillary Clinton (or their foundation).

This disease is deadly, can trigger serious problems, lead to a downward spiral, and even death. Once someone contracts the disease they can go years without knowing it. Then suddenly they get the urge to testify against the Clintons or just get overwhelmed by the disease from all the time they spent with the Clintons. All of the sudden their mental health goes and they die in strange ways, such as plane crashes, weightlifting accidents, Suicides, etc. Here is a list of known cases of Clinton Disease.

Steve Bing tragically succumbed to Clinton Disease. We are currently very worried about Ghislaine Maxwell, the one-time girlfriend of Jeffery Epstein, who is very ill with Clinton Disease after her arrest. There is no known cure for Clinton Disease. The only known vaccine is to avoid all contact with the Clintons and anyone who might associate with them.

But one thing is certain Jeffery Epstein didn’t kill himself. He died of Clinton Disease.

Image From: “Bill Clinton” (CC BY 2.0) by veni markovski