Wallace and Trump Square off and a Clown is There Too

Chris Wallace did a good job at every opportunity, making the Debate almost unbearable to watch. Some have described Tuesday evenings entertainment as a debate between Trump and Wallace with Biden clowning about occasionally. This evening we saw Trump trying to finish a complete interruption before Wallace returned to playing his part as a hockey mom (minus the lipstick). Though in reality it was worse than that. This was Trump just trying to finish a complete a sentence before the next impeachment process. We already know how that goes but Nancy Pelosi is adamant that it is a logical means to block a nomination by any president.

Hillary Clinton, an unrelated famous person, would have been a less biased Moderator, at least she actually debated Trump. The audience sat baited and waiting for the good ol’times, ready to hear about Crooked Hillary. The crowd pleaser, “lock her up,” is truly what the Biden Campaign hoped for all along. They don’t really want to have you watch Joe fade and slowly drift to sleep. Biden, for his part, would have predictably stood voiceless against the allegations. The Dog Face Pony Soldiers among us, truly sat riveted wondering if Biden literally would slowly drift to sleep fullfilling his second place destiny. Trump was energetic and attacked as Biden, just nodded. (Maybe nodded off, we need more fact checkers, DogFacePonia lacks congressional power where the money can really change)

We here at Dogfaceponia were disappointed Biden let us all down by not calling anyone a Lying Dog Face Pony Soldier. Sure he called Trump a clown, but it lacked consistancy in his message.

Wallace, pushed issues more than Biden could understand as shown in his crumpled constipated expressions. Biden, notably, referred to the equality of abortion medical procedures for men. Wallace, unfortunately, forgot to push on this issue with Biden, because Biden hit that magic CTRL-ALT-DELETE buttons (he reportedly learned from Mark Zuckerberg just days before, in the basement). Wallace was left in a gender neutral impotence by this and had to move on to recover anything resembling a pertinent topic in a short period. This was the moment Wallace earned his keep near the spotlight.

DogFacePonia with our extensive contacts and monetary budget (We have Pony Breeders AKA Pimps that make 150k a Year in government), uncovered that main stream media would announce Biden as the winner. However, our results are not conclusive. Though DogFacePonia believes, Biden was not the winner, Come on man! Trump won the debate but could have done better. Chris Wallace gave strong competition for smartest man (Mom) in the room. Trump still showed we have a president that has heart, toughness and belief in the people.

The Debate had it’s highlights. There is nothing better than two old white guys talking about (Greenhouse) gas. Trump wore a tie with color and Biden stuck with Black and White. The polls will tell us what this says, I am sure, but I feel I was minorly hypnotized each time Biden was on camera. I can not even imagine what would happen to a weak viewer. They may have forgotten Biden was in attendance. Next time we suggest he dress as a clown.

Many may say Trump was mean spirited, yet we fact checked every word. It was all wrong and right on. While Biden may or may not the be the winner by not being meaningful this night, old men battling gas have been heard. America is the only definite loser of Tuesday evening, having slaughtered an unrecoverable 90 mins of their time. It is worthy of noting that much of the main stream media announced Biden as the winner sometime long before the debate took place.

Image From: “Neskowin, Oregon, 4th of July Parade” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Ryan Harvey