Deplorable Virus Spreading

In 1776, there was an epidemic in the colonies, a virus so powerful that King George III and the might of the British Empire could not stop it. After WWII, the virus began to die out. Great Leaders like JFK and Ronald Reagan kept it alive and spread it. After Reagan, infections began to slow. Under Barrack Obama, the virus was almost eradicated.  

Trump’s entry into the 2016 election rekindled the spread of the 1776 virus. The nomination of Trump caused exponential spread of the virus. Hillary tried to warn about the resurgence of the virus calling it the Deplorable Virus. Hillary claimed she would quash the Deplorable Virus if elected.

After Trump’s nomination, the virus began to panic the Democrats. They created a Vaccine called TDS (Trump Derangement Serum) and inoculated many in the media. Unfortunately, TDS caused people to have a total lack of Common Sense. Kaepernick saw the handwriting on the wall and began kneeling for the national anthem. Democrats proceeded to spy on the Trump campaign to discover how they were deploying the Deplorable (1776) Virus. After Trump’s election, Democrats tried to stem the flow of the virus by impeaching Trump.

Trump’s current MAGA rallies (super spreaders) are being used to recover the spirt of 1776. The Proud Boys even created a super spreader event in Portland amid heavy resistance from local government.

Democrats locked down states and cities; wore masks and hid in their basements. Democratic governors did all they could to prevent Trump from having MAGA rallies (super spreaders) in their states. Children are taught the 1619 project to counteract the Deplorable (1776) Virus. They are trying to restrain the virus.

Democrats spent years working to raise the Immunity to the Deplorable (1776) Virus in the Black Communities. However, it seems now when infected members of the communities exhibit more severe symptoms. Notable black Democrats infected with Deplorable (1776) Virus, in the last 4 years, include Leo Terrell and Candace Owens.

Some Symptoms of Deplorable (1776) Virus include, but are not limited to:

  • Love freedom and patriotism
  • A desire for “Liberty or Death”
  • Belief that “all are created equal”
  • Aversion to Taxation, particularly without representation
  • Belief in capitalism
  • Clinging to their guns and bibles
  • Want to build The Wall
  • Standing for the national anthem
  • Wearing MAGA hats
  • Watching Newsmax and OAN
  • Desire to protect statutes of others infected with the virus

In approximately 3% of cases, the infection results in a love of the letter Q. Scientists have been unable to confirm or deny this is related to the Deplorable (1776) Virus. However, according to CNN’s own(ed) scientists, the Deplorable (1776) Virus causes racism, sexism and xenophobia. Factcheckers have removed any references that refute this from Twitter, Facebook and when possible the history books .

These are the times that try men’s souls and Dogfaceponia believes the virus should be spread as widely as possible. None have died from the disease directly but many have died defending the ideals it instills in them. Clearly, our Forefathers were deeply infected with this virus. They had strong resolve in the Constitution, which has now survived for 245 years. They would applaud the actions taken to preserve freedom and the Republic.