Joe Thinks He Has Covid

Joe Biden has been suffering from symptoms of Covid. Once the symptoms appeared Joe continued to observe precautions and quarantining. Joe is extremely concerned he has Covid since his symptoms have not gone away.  Even after being tested, he continues to be paranoid that he is developing Covid. This is a sign of mental illness and not Covid.

  • Covid can cause ear problems – Joe is often seen playing with his ear.
  • Eyes can develop light sensitivity and irritation – Joe asks for the Teleprompter to be moved closer because he has difficulty seeing it.
  • Onset of confusion – Joe continues to suffer from intermittent confusion.
  • Sudden anger – Joe continues to have flashes of anger. Remember the lying dogfaced  pony soldier comment and the you aint black, are you on drugs comment.
  • Staying in the basement – Joe wants to keep others in the household safe and to stay safe from them.
  • Wears a mask around his wife – Assuming no Covid then why should he wear a mask around his wife. Does she have Covid?
  • Covid causes loss of sense of smell – Joe is not seen sniffing at all even with Kamala
  • Inability to wake or stay awake – Joe has been seen falling asleep during an interview.
  • Fatigue – Joe takes days off during the campaign
  • Cough – often coughs during speeches and Q&A

So does Joe have Covid symptoms and/or Covid or has Joe developed symptoms because he has Munchausen syndrome. This type of fictitious illness can be caused by loss of a loved one through death, illness or abandonment. This also could have been caused by Hillary losing to Trump. Some think he is just suffering from Trump derangement syndrome. All of this may or may not play into the Democrats plan to infect Joe with Covid at the right time.

Image from: “BIDEN-IMODIUM” (Public Domain) by MicahStone