A Different August 31st Deadline Postponed

Publishers Clearing House Prize Ticket

President Biden extends the an August 31st date indefinitely. Given the events in Afghanistan resulting in the death of 13 American soldiers, President Joe Biden has demanded that Publishers Clearing House postpone the date of its Superprize Award.  The thought is that out of an abundance of caution the date needs to be indefinitely postponed in case the winner turns out to be an American in Afghanistan or in transit.

The logistics of taking the Publishers Clearing House van and Prize Patrol to Afghanistan would be dangerous if not impossible. Biden, however, believes it is unlikely there is a winner in Afghanistan. PCH has checked their entrants and at least one, in fact, is/was there.

PCH is in the process of vetting possible winners as to their status. They are checking passports, biometric data and SIV paperwork on possible winners to be prepared for that eventuality. Any winner must prove they are fully vaccinated to accept the prize. The House of Representatives is holding an emergency session to increase taxes on the PCH Superprize winner before it’s to late. President Biden is expected to cooperate in accomplishing this new tax.

There are 93% peaceful protests throughout the United States by entrants who will not get to know if they are the winner. We at DogFacePonia think this is much ado about nothing but this is the Biden Administration. They always have their eyes on the prize.

Image From: “I may have already lost 10 million dolla” (CC BY 2.0) by frankieleon