Biden’s Guide to Surrender

Biden with is arms up like he is measuring

Biden had to admit unlike with Covid and the Election there was no way to change the numbers. So The Biden Administration surrendered to the Taliban in Afghanistan. This brought an end to a 20-year 2.2 Trillion Dollar war. After this glorious(ly pathetic) surrender Biden is providing a guide for how to properly properly.

  • Tell them enemy your plans, like when you want to leave. That way they can make a proper plan.
  • Leave your weapons and equipment behind for your enemy to use when you are gone. It’s a nice thing to do.
  • Talk about how strong your ally is. They could last 100 years against the enemy!!!
  • Abandon your allies
  • Let your weaker enemy push you around
  • Run away with your tail between your legs
  • No Questions
  • Eat some Ice Cream

Trump would have totally done it differently, as we all know. The Liberal media will try to example how it was Trump’s fault. Biden, if he can make a coherent sentence, will blame him too. Trump did plan to withdraw but I believe the evacuation would have gone a bit differently.

Trump’s hypothetical Tweet “If you touch a hair on an America’s head. We will bomb you back to the stone age.” The Taliban might not see this as a big threat as they basically live in the 7th century.

Either way, The Taliban have no interest in a continued conflict with the USA. They want the US military to leave so they can take the country over. Because it seems the only thing the Afghan Security forces do well is surrender and show the Taliban how to use American-made weapons. They literally outnumbered the Taliban 3 to 1 and couldn’t figure out how to hold the capital for a few days. So why would the Taliban want to mess with a real army? One that held the capital for 20 years.

The Taliban would have let Trump negotiate terms because they knew he meant business. America would not have looked like a bunch of bubbling idiots at a Clownshow. But yeah Biden Got 80 Million Votes.

We here a Dogfaceponia are glad to be out of another war. However, we feel a deep sadness for Afghanistan, our Veterans, and the free world.

Image From: “IMG_7332” (CC BY 2.0) by cornstalker