DHS says 40-80% of Americans are Terrorists but not the Taliban

Sign for Homeland Security

The DHS announced that most Americans are probably terrorists. This requires a new definition of what a terrorist is of course.

They worried about:

  • People against COVID restrictions
  • People who don’t want to be mandated to take an experimental vaccine
  • People who think Trump won the Election
  • People who disagree with the way Joe Biden is running the country
  • People who like Bacon
  • Anyone who calls themselves a Patriot (including members of the NFL Team).
  • People who might mark the event with another attack.
  • Guys in Bear Costumes

They are not worried about:

  • The Taliban
  • China
  • The Border Crisis
  • Hunter Biden’s Laptop
  • The Safety of America

40% of Americans are unjabbed so they clearly are terrorists(according to DHS). It is truly unthinkable that people would not want to take an experimental injection. This includes children under 12 who were not offered the vaccine but happen to play with Legos.

More than half Republicans believe that Biden did not legitimately win. If 75 Million voted for Trump according to the DHS that means we have more than 37 Million Terrorists in America!

A poll conducted in June showed an astounding 80% of Americans support Voter ID. According to the DHS, they are terrorists trying to suppress the vote.

Ahead of the anniversary of 9/11 (an event literally brought about with the aid of the Taliban) the DHS asks us be aware of threats. Perhaps DHS would consider the Taliban a terrorist threat (as they control Afghanistan)? Nope, they say domestic terrorists are the biggest threat to America. The only domestic terrorists we can think of are BLM and Antifa. Antifa recently attacked Christians in Portland after all. Instead, the DHS thinks it is Conservatives, Libertarians and anyone willing to question the regime that is a Terrorist.

What Terrorist Acts have been committed?

  • Rejection of Mask Restrictions
  • Auditing of Elections
  • Playing with Legos
  • Rejecting Joe Biden and saying he is mentally incapable of leadership
  • Refusing to be experimented on
  • Waving American flags
  • Saying CRT Is not science
  • Saying Men should not compete against women in sports
  • Having white Privilege

Dogfaceponia’s deep cover agents have reported that over half of the Department of Homeland Security Agents have been labeled as terrorists. Now they have to arrest themselves, what could possibly go wrong. Probably now that the Taliban is done taking over Afghanistan, they will make new plans.

Image From: “Homeland Security at Work” (CC BY-ND 2.0) by j.pauley