Pork is the New Toilet Paper

Bacon on Chopping Bloc

In another move to keep men from bringing home the bacon, there are new rules taking effect at the beginning of 2022 on space per pig on pig farms. The war on meat has reached into a new level. Start worrying what will replace pork and spam.

Toilet paper is being replaced as the new scarce item so stock up now. You can’t eat toilet paper which is more plentiful than pork will be next year. Jerky both Beef and Bacon might be an excellent way to go. As prices rise, be sure to store it properly and it could be good for years.

BLM chanted pigs in a blanket, fry ’em like bacon. They will need a new chant for the police. They could try police are like toilet paper, wipe ’em out.

Add to this the Democrats war on Beef because farting cows are hurting the environment and you can expect to be eating meth addicted trout next year. Another great choice is the new national bird, the turkey.

More Pork in Texas?

More people could be moving to Texas to experience the freedom of hunting wild pigs as the population is out of control (Just like the population of illegal immigrants). This could be a good way to supplement the pork income.

The CDC is making up plans to create concerns that pigs are spreading COVID because the border crisis and illegal immigration couldn’t possibly be the cause. A new variant is on it’s way to being invented, maybe they could just call it Swine Flu. That might be taken already but really isn’t it the same thing? Maybe the Pi (P in Greek) Virus, ~3.14% of people could already be infected with it.

The government has plans to add extra pork to all it’s spending bills but that will do nothing to solve this problem that they created. However, it will raise the National debt by Trillions and raise taxes.

We here at DogFacePonia are not hog wild about the future of meat in the Democratic Socialist America.

Image From : “Bacon Collection” (CC BY 2.0) by alex.shultz