Progressive Taliban Now Identify 4 Genders

Taliban members in Afghanistan

The Taliban are trying to get with the times and move on from medieval ways. They now have new modern weapons and vehicles thanks to Joe Biden. The United States provided Gender Studies and the Taliban have become more progressive in that area. They may not have 42 genders yet but we have been informed they now identify 4.

1.) Men –

The Taliban are all male. They all believe in a rigid Feudal oppressive version of Islam and Sharia Law. If you fall in this camp they consider you a man. (Though some outside the Taliban might not identity these terrorists who abuse women and children as men)

2.) Burqas –

The Taliban have never seen Women. They force all women to wear a Burqa. Therefore all they can identify is Burqas. Women without Burqas are Infidels and will be mistreated. Burqas of course are not mentioned anywhere in the Quran. Instead the Quran said both men and women need to behave modestly. What could be more modest than to force half the population to wear a full body cover while the other half does not.

3.) Infidels –

This is a broad group which contains anyone who disagrees with the Taliban. They easily can identify women who are not wearing Burqas and who does not believe their oppressive, 14th century terroristic views as Infidels.

4) Joe Biden –

Joe doesn’t seem to fit the Groups above. He is not a member of the Taliban so he can’t be a man. He doesn’t wear a Burqa so therefore is not a Burqa. To be an Infidel implies some kind of adversary which Joe doesn’t seem to be. After all he surrendered and gave the Taliban billions of dollars in weapons and Gender Studies. The Taliban doesn’t know what to certify Joe as. Joe must be some kind of Trans-Surrender Non-Burqanary.

We here at DogFacePonia believe this method of Gender Determination is about as Scientific as the Democrats version.

Image From: “The New Rulers of Afghanistan” (Public Domain) by silent13wish