AR-15 Executive Order

Teenager Shooting AR-15

Joe Biden is making another plan to flip flop. After making Cages and Border walls presently ok and acceptable to everyone because he is not Trump, he is moving to Gun Control. The AR-15 Gun Executive Order will expand gun rights. The new gun executive order has been signed by Joe Biden to provide equity with voting.  Like ballots, guns will be mailed to everyone. IDs will not be required to get a gun.

Illegal aliens, felons, gangbangers and people in prison and mental institutions will be mailed guns and Stimulus Ammo.  This will reduce the trafficking in illegal black market guns. When a person reaches voting age, they will automatically be registered and they will receive a gun when they are mailed.  The states will use voter rolls, green cards and drivers licenses to decide who to send the guns to. This will allow 16 year olds to get guns after they get their driver’s license.

Revenue will be created when the government taxes all guns at $200. The Congress will be able to eventually pass a Hunter Biden Gun Law using reconciliation. The Parliamentarian has already green lighted such a bill. West Virginia is a gun state so Joe Manchin will be on board. Chief Justice John Roberts supports taxes so no problem with the Supreme Court.

Guns can be updated to AR-15 s by trading in 2 for 1 after 2 years. Ghost guns will be provided to registered dead voters and members of the Ghostbusters.

We here at DogFacePonia don’t know what to think. It sounds like they took HR1 and replaced voter with Gun and just reprinted it. We could read the whole Executive order but as is typical these days it is 9783 pages. So we will have to just believe the synopsis and assume their is nothing bad in there.

Image From: “IMAG0696” (CC BY 2.0) by CitizenClark