Auction Electric Cars

Auction Scrabble

The next step in Tesla AI. Electric Cars that Auction themselves.

The newest of the new Tesla will be able to Auction itself off to the highest bidder, while connected to the Tesla Auction website called, ‘Firesale Global Services’ via the Starlink Network.

And because Elon Musk is not to be out done. This new Tesla will be able to Auction other cars, Electric and Fuel based, as an intermediary, with its ‘Auction Jeeves’ function.

And to the chagrin and concern of some owners of debt laden Uber and Lyft driving vehicle owners. If you miss more than two payments, your Tesla will drive itself off to the nearest Tesla dealership or approved auto lot, and start the Auction process.

There have also been grumblings from the Repo Companies out there. About how it could affect their business and run them into the ground.

Early word on the street is, there might be some efforts to prevent this, as to be in favor the Repo Companies.

Gotta keep Ford Credit in Business after all, wouldn’t want to affect their control over their up and coming vehicles.

Either way, better be up on your payments!

auction” (CC BY 2.0) by aronbaker2