Reponator Coming for Repo Mans Job

Ford Being Repossessed

Reponator, no not that truck from the Cars Films. We have come to find out that a unique patent is waiting for approval. What is this patent you ask, as you scroll through Tik-Tok, while all your vitals are being skimmed by someone in China. Well, it is a patent by Ford Motor Company for a self-repoing vehicle.

Much of the technology, (at least self-driving), is not fully available or yet determined to be road worthy safe. However, aside from the vehicle just locking its doors and driving away. Leaving you wondering if AI was really a smart move on the part of Humanity? Could it be just a bodyless Nephilim maneuvering Humanity to create them bodies once more.

Is the Patent safe?

It appears this patent allows for the vehicle to disable itself or cause annoyances while driving (which doesn’t seem safe). Hopefully it won’t be a Robo-Cop scenario where it pulls weapons on you and chases you down.

The patent also allows for the possibility of only driving in a Geo-Fenced area, only on certain days or even only in an Emergency. Though we are not sure yet how any of this can be determined. Maybe you just have to blow, like in a car with those who are under court order to not drive with alcohol in their system.

Yet in this case it is possible that you blow, and it determines you are sick because it upcycled the natural and dead bacteria and viral elements in your breath, and then determines that you have some made up issue and turns into a mobile quarantine lab. Which is then controlled by whichever corrupt State official who is confused about gender and thinks they are the sole proprietor of your health.

What is disturbing is the fact that rumors are circulating that this patented system has already been hacked. Not by your Chinese type trying to cause havoc and mayhem, or by Police trying to kill your car pre-emptively so you can be arraigned on future thought crimes. No, it is that kid down the street who just wants to go on a joy ride. They have been eating, dreaming and playing with code since they were a baby. So, when your car is gone, although you have made the on-time payments or paid it off. Then you will only have Ford, err yourself to blame.

Towing a Taurus” (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0) by EX22218 – ON/OFF