KIA Carjacking: The New Test Drive

KIA damaged in a car crash.

Have you heard of the KIA challenge on TikTok? If you haven’t let me explain it. Apparently, there is a way to steal a KIA with a USB drive. This can be done quickly and easily. Normally you would think this would lead to KIAs being stolen more than any other car. On that you would be right.

What is so strange with this is who is doing it and why. When I think of stupid online challenges, I know one thing, ignore and avoid them. Remember the water bucket challenge – at least it was for charity. Still some people managed to Darwin themselves.

With all this against them KIA is going to use this to help it’s future sales. “KIA fixed the problem in it’s newest cars 2021 and later” said a company spokesperson. She later told us “This is not all bad for KIA. All these kids are just test driving the car and usually nobody is hurt. Really just a test drive, no big deal.”

This challenge has kids stealing cars. That’s right as the offspring sang if you are under 18 and won’t be doing any time. There are literally no consequences. In Illinois they can’t even hold them in jail starting in 2023. Chicago may soon be the carjacking capital of the world. Kids who don’t legally have a license are stealing these cars. If they happen to be a minority you can’t even arrest them as it would not be equitable. Kim Foxx Chicago DA doesn’t have time to release them. She is busy releasing more serious criminals.

“For alot of these kids this is the first car they will ever drive” said the KIA spokesperson “That can build alot of good will for the company. When they grow up and get jobs as thugs and drug dealers they will have fond memories of KIAs and will want to buy one.”

We at DogFacePonia are pondering. What could possibly go wrong with 13 year old kids stealing cars for a joyride with no consequences? It’s just an internet challenge, no big deal.

Image From: “Kia deer accident” (CC BY-NC 2.0) by Reigh LeBlanc