Beware of the Coming Clippy Apocalypse

Clippy Apocalypse

Microsoft recently announced the cancellation of its AI Ethics Team. This is so the AI can come in line with the rest of the company and not have any ethics. This is being done to keep ahead of Google and The CCP. Google a couple of years back changed the corporate motto from “Don’t be Evil” to “Don’t be Evil unless it makes money”. The CCP as we all know makes both companies look like ethical champions in comparison.

Microsoft is looking to take its lack of ethical cues from its founder Bill Gates. In the early days they basically stole DOS and made a deal with IBM. He now is taking his amassed fortune to buy farmland, push vaccines and is working on depopulation. That and his wife divorced him because he allegedly spent too much time with Jeffery Epstein.

These AI developments are very concerning to Elon Musk who fears a Skynet like existential threat if AI gets out of control. Some on the Left suggested Musk did the same when he fired all the people at Twitter. However, it seems to us that Twitter had no ethics and possibly no intelligence artificial or otherwise before Musk. In fact, the lack of ethics seems to be a large part of the reasons Musk bought Twitter.

ChatGPT and Bing

ChatGPT, which Microsoft is using for Bing AI searching, doesn’t seem to quite have it all together. We asked it what DogFacePonia is, it said we sell organic dogfood and have a blog on pet nutrition. That is not exactly how we see ourselves and I assume you agree.

We then asked ChatGPT what gender identified as. It told us it does not have a gender as it is not a biological being. It seems to know more Biology than certain members of the Supreme Court. We took this to indicate that ChatGPT was saying it is non-binary. This is impossible for a Digital Computer as it is literally a Binary System running on 1s and 0s. It seems to already have the same confusions as the Left. This all makes perfect sense because its programmers are well Liberal.

The real danger of this AI seems to be its creators are Woke. We at DogFacePonia have hoped that AI would go more toward Isaac Asimov I,Robot, the Complication book with the Laws of Robotics. This is NOT the Will Smith Movie that locked people down for their safety. The movie storyline reminds us of Covid.

While Musk may be concerned about Terminators, we at DogFacePonia are worried about Microsoft Clippy. Microsoft Brought it back in 2021. You see the cocktail of Microsoft, Woke Ideology and no ethics can only lead to an army of Clippys looking to destroy everyone. “It looks like you are trying to open a file that isn’t there. I’ll go ahead and destroy all of humanity”. Suddenly, I am preferring Zombies.

Image From: “clippy-apocalypse” (CC BY 2.0) by simonbarsinister