Judge says “You Can’t Handle the Truth of Maxwell and Epstein”

Stormtroopers with "the Truth" sign.

Recently a Federal Judge decided “You can’t handle the Truth“. The judge locked down records from Ghislaine Maxwell case saying details are “too sensational and impure” for public. This makes sense as the details of the Epstein files and the contents of Hunter Biden’s laptop were “Too impure” for the public as well. The news media is happy to cover Cardi B’s Arse because apparently it is pure. It is also pure for men to use the women’s bathroom. But the public learning the truth is “impure”.

We at DogFacePonia will tell you the Truth (in this story anyways). The Truth is important and the courts and main stream media are now full working in tandem to hide it or erase it. They are like a bunch of lying” dogfaced pony soldiers who were bent on getting Biden elected. Now that The Biden Regime has been installed they must work tirelessly to legitimize it.

So we are here like Tom Cruise to say  I WANT THE TRUTH!” and the pathetic media, the courts and the Biden Stormtroopers are here to tell us. “YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH!”

Just like that, we are supposed to take a stimulus check and believe Biden “Magically” cured COVID and that the border is totally fine. Because we just can’t handle the truth on Hunter Biden, Jeffery Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell and anything related to what really happened with the election.

Biden will now hold his a Press Conference! He will ignore all topics above and refuse all questions. Then he talk about Climate Change so he can inform us that 98% of Scientists and now Economists agree we are all going to die from extreme weather if we don’t ruin our economy now!!!

And the Sheep with Bah Bah Bah and clap their hooves. Come on Man!

Image From: “Day 175: ”You can’t handle the truth!”” (Public Domain) by Armchair Caver