The New Red Scare

Crushed Coke can

The House Unamerican Beverage Committee is holding hearings on the Coca-Cola company. The Coke company has red cans.  That can’t be allowed!  Coke needs to adopt a new color like neon yellow or risk cancellation. If Coke becomes more white their cans may become pink which is definitely a problem thus their diversity program targeting TaB in its pink can.

The new red scare is a fear of Republicans. A new committee has been formed called the House Red Scare Committee. Its purpose is to create an irrational fear of all things associated with red. Democratic members of the committee are afraid of their Republican counterparts especially Alexandria Ocasio Cortez who was almost murdered by Ted Cruz. The Red Scare is the promotion of a widespread fear of the potential rise of Republicans. Indeed, Republican states, had a Red color on electoral maps, while MAGA hats are red. AOC said she would rather be dead than Red. Ted Cruz said RIGHT ON! Antifa has adopted a new costume – Black shirts and red hats, especially MAGA hats to confuse the police and Congress.

The movement grew in the US because the Red Scare had enveloped the entire country at the time and people felt that there was a very legitimate threat to the country, even if it was not true. Red Robin and Red Lobster stocks are being shorted by institutional investors. Qanon said there was a subliminal message in these restaurants. Reddit is involved in Bankrupting Institutional Investors for Dummies. They have an unfortunate name so the odds are against them.

Enraged by the capital invasion, the United States government responded by surrounding it with fencing and National Guard troops. ICE is there to deport any aliens (like AOC) and members of the caravans coming from Texas.

In early 2021, American leaders repeatedly told the public that they should be fearful of subversive Republicans’ influence in their lives. Republicans could be lurking anywhere and they have red guns and love freedom.

This paranoia about the internal Communist threat in the 1950s—what we call the second Red Scare. Now the scare is on the other foot. Congress has now launched a series of highly publicized probes into alleged Red Nationalist penetration of the Post Office, the White House, and even the US Army. No one dares tangle with Nancy and AOC for fear of being labeled disloyal.

They say Red cable channels need to be de-platformed. Suspected Trump supporters are encouraged to name other Republicans to save themselves. There is now an inverse intolerance against conservative voices. In today’s Red Scare Conservatives are being put on whitelists and denied employment for holding the wrong views. There are now new calls for whitelists from members of Congress. Holding wrong views is not OK. Employment denied.

We here at Dogfaceponia are Color Blind but we still know who looks stupid.

Image From: “154 Polar Bears” (CC BY-ND 2.0) by suzi54241