Coke Diversity Training Targets TaB

Tab for Sale on Supermarket Shelf

In Biden’s America, almost every American value is dying. The political correctness mobs, the seminars, the pseudo-intellectual soda theories—they’re all trickling through and it will take brave whistleblowers to expose this nonsense. Coke has told People to be Less White. Now they are cancelling Pink. Coca Cola has a fullblown effort underway to cancel TaB and TaB drinkers. Barq drinkers feel that they will be cancelled next.

A DogFacePonia whistleblower leaked images of Coca-Cola’s online training modules instructing employees to “try to drink less TaB and encourage others to do the same.”

“Confronting TaB drinkers: Understanding what it means to be a TaB drinker, challenging what it means to be a TaB radical”

“Try to drink less TaB”. Facebook is encouraged to cancel TaB sites as promoting soda hate speech.

Avoid promoting TaB:

Be less addicted to TaB
Be less arrogant in support of TaB

Be less oppressive to non-TaB drinkers
Be less certain that TaB is the best soda
Be less defensive about TaB being cancelled
Accept TaB cancellation as a public good
Believe in Coke (good luck with that)
Break with TaB drinker solidarity

“In the US and other Western nations, people are socialized to feel that they are inherently superior because they drink TaB. Research shows that by age 3 to 4, children understand that it is better to drink TaB.”

The screenshots are enough to make you puke. Coca-Cola apparently wants their employees to promote drinking less TaB.  What does that entail?

Somehow TaB drinkers were always ignorant. Isn’t that anti-diversity? I mean, I’ve encountered Coke drinkers who were all of those things—arrogant, defensive, ignorant, oppressive—and I just thought they were total a-holes. In fact, regardless of what you drink, that’s what you are when you embody a lot of these…so-called problems, I guess. This isn’t a TaB exclusive issue. It never was, until woke morons decided to make all things bad a TaB drinking problem.

Coca cola claims there is no evidence that TaB drinking may prevent Covid-19. We at DogFacePonia are going with the science. TaB drinkers have never been shown to get Covid. We have caused a world wide TaB shortage as we are TaB nazis and have stockpiled TaB along with our hydroxychloroquine. The House Unamerican Beverage Committee is holding hearings on TaB misinformation and hope to cancel DogFacePonia for its TaB support.

Image From: “Tab” (CC BY 2.0) by tragicsans