Caravan to Continue to Washington DC

Illegal Alien Parade

Caravans are being directed to continue to Washington DC (a sanctuary district) from South America (Texas, which is not a sanctuary as it is frozen). Immigrants are being told that Uncle Biden wants them to come and has promised free Health Care, Green Energy, Covid vaccines, education, work and freedom from deportation regardless of what laws they break.

Sanctuary cities are unconstitutional — a violation of the Supremacy Clause. Since illegal aliens are not citizens the Supremacy Clause doesn’t apply to them. Shucks, neither does the Constitution. They don’t have to follow laws because laws don’t apply to non-citizens. Due to the fact that Democrats are unwilling to change our very dangerous immigration laws, or even enforce the ones we have, the plan now is placing illegal immigrants in Sanctuary Cities only, hence Washington DC.

Ted Cruz was a leading voice in the creation of caravans to continue to Washington DC. With no Covid tests given to illegals, there will be many immigrants with Covid to spread the virus.  He almost murdered AOC but was unsuccessful ( as she was in the wrong building) and is trying again with Covid sanctuary chemical warfare. Immigrants are also told there are free haircuts at Nancy Pelosi’s salon.

Police cannot detain aliens for breaking mask laws and lockdowns. Americans stopped by police will all just say “no hablas inglés”. Police will have to prove they are citizens or will have to release them. Spanish language classes are a new growth industry in Washington DC.

Immigrants have experience with scaling walls and are being told to enter the capital to receive their benefits.  The National Guard has no idea if they can shoot the invaders, detain the invaders or show them to AOC’s office using a map provided by Ted Cruz.

We at DogFacePonia are not a sanctuary. We have advised Ted Cruz of this so caravans will not come here. The Ponies in DogFacePonia are still trying to learn “Hee Haw” to understand the donkeys and are in no mood to learn Spanish.

Image From: “Illegal Alien Cart” (CC BY 2.0) by runnr_az