The Race for Herd Stupidity

Herd of Sheep

The CDC says two masks are 90% effective but efficacy is only 52-75% with one mask.  There is a pattern here.  For 99% effectiveness you would need to increase the number of masks. We believe 5 masks would accomplish 99%. We are concerned with suffocation which increases from 52% to 90% as a second mask is added but as more are added at least you would not die of COVID. Governor Cuomo understood how to avoid COVID deaths by moving goalposts.

Pfizer’s early data shows its vaccine is more than 90% effective. With one shot the Pfizer vaccine is only 52% effective. So, if one shot is good two shots are better just like with masks. Would five shots get us to 99%. Why haven’t we investigated?

Dr. Fauci previously told The New York Times it could take up to 90% of the US population to get vaccinated to reach herd immunity against the coronavirus. The goal was for 70 to 85 percent of the population to be vaccinated.  The other group would have to use masks.

If everyone used five masks or got two vaccines, we would reach herd immunity almost immediately. People who have gotten one vaccine must still wear a mask or two to provide the additional 50% needed for total immunity. The government accomplishes everything with money so everyone who gets the vaccine should get a payment of $10,000. Everyone else would get five masks.

  • With 90% peaceful protesters you cannot have a riot and the summer protests had 93% peaceful protesters.
  • 90.63% of all pages get zero traffic from Google, and 5.29% of them get ten visits per month or less. From a study of 1 billion web pages.
  • Amazon to get 90% tax break over 7 years after Gates warehouse project is built.
  • What do all of these have in common with the masks and vaccines? Nothing at all. They just had 90% numbers.

Dogfaceponia has determined that 90% of Democrats are effectively mental sheep and 52% of Republicans also are joining the herd. Biden and Democrats want to move the number closer to 90% so they can more easily push their agenda. They plan to work with CNN and Twitter to try to achieve herd stupidity.

Image From : “Herd of sheep” (CC BY 2.0) by MinutesAlone