Twitter’s Deplorable Policy

Twitter is saving the poor uneducated potential Trump voters from being inundated with inappropriate and dangerous information by suppressing that material.  It is called their deplorable policy.

They have surveyed in Walmart to determine what will influence the smelly Walmart shoppers against Biden. They then prejudge the content and suppress it to protect those voters from themselves.

Everyone would protect their children from unwarranted attacks. Hunter Biden, when drunk and doped up, dropped off his laptop at a repair shop where the legally blind owner set him up. Just like Nancy Pelosi was set up by her hair salon owner. Republicans have such amazing capability to accomplish these very complex plots.

New York Times reporter Maggie (MAGA) Haberman mentioned the New York Post story on Twitter and was publicly flogged. Twitter has judged its contents to be “potentially harmful” to Joe Biden who is hiding in his basement. Twitter executives don’t understand why Hunter receiving chump change is so upsetting. He is after all a chump but not a Trump chump.

New Policy

Twitter came out with this new policy after having totally embarrassed itself with a 2 hour outage right at its peak times. Twitter attempted to add new Anti-Biden Presidential Campaign filtering technologies into it’s system. This failed for 2 reasons first they got confused and thought he was running for Senate not President. Then instead of filtering anti-Biden information these technologies began to call everyone “Lying DogFacePony Soldiers“. The change had to be scrapped and rolled back. Twitter replaced this with the deplorable policy that “Hacked or Deplorable Material will be given a warning”.

As a result Twitter wants to UberFlush the suppressed information.  They, however, have put the UberFlush article itself on (twitter) jail list because they think DogFacePonia is a bunch of hacks. Even a jail must have a toilet so remember Flush for Freedom!

Image From: “Mean Twitter bird” (CC BY 2.0) by rossbreadmore