Technology Breakthrough by UberFlush

A new technology has hit the markets. The One Flush(Tm) technology of the UberFlush Inc will revolutionize the world according to many in the porcelain throne market.

Trump said, “I was happy to see that an UberFlush has taken this great step forward. Trump continue by stating, “I am happy that my ideas will help rid the world of floaters.” Fox News has been calling Trump a wonderful idea man that can solve any problem. Trump also said, “We cannot drain the swamp when we cannot even drain our own Crapper, this opens the door to flush out the problems in DogFacePonia.”

Projections are that UberFlush Inc will take over more markets, if not all, of DogFacePonia. We asked Mr. Flush, CEO of UberFlush Inc, about the future of the company and he said, “The sky is the limit with our business model of solving problems by hearing Trump messages.” Mr. Flush said they plan to tackle the Cancer problem related to Wind Mills next.

Not only does UberFlush offer one flush technology but they have emergency response teams at the ready. Sensors in your Toilet will alert the Flush Squad should the toilet not deliver as promised, these UberFlushers have freaky fast response times.

DogFacePonia is booming with success stories but UberFlush is an example we can all follow to a bright and cleaner future. Some have even gone so far as saying UberFlush has the right make-up to solve even the horrible pony problems in DogFacePonia. Only time will tell but at least our Toilets have a brighter cleaner future.

Image From : “Exploding Toilets in DC” (CC BY 2.0) by Mike Licht,