Trump’s Chumps

Saturday, Joe Biden presented himself as the candidate that will be inclusive of all segments of America. He said “I’ll work as hard for those who don’t support me as those who do, including those chump Trump supporters out there who believe everything Trump tells them”. If Trump suckers you into supporting him, you may end up feeling like a chump but you will be treated fairly by me; just as irredeemable deplorables would have been supported by Hillary had she been elected.

Chumps are foolish or easily deceived people; suckers or fools, gullible.  How can these chumps be allowed to vote?” Biden said.  Biden bragged about ‘extensive and inclusive voter fraud organization‘ created by Democrats.  This should counteract the Chumps anyway.

Chump is a very informal word for someone who falls for every trick and scheme, or who believes everything you tell them.  Biden said secretly that if these chumps can be tricked by Trump then the blockheads certainly should be able to become Biden Boobs. 

Oh well call us chumps or even chimps. I’d rather be a Thump Chimp than a Biden Whimp or a Trump Chump than a Biden Dump.

Charlie Kirk tweeted:

  • Biden calls us “chumps”
  • Hillary calls us “deplorable”
  • Obama called us “clingers to our God and our guns”
  • Trump calls us “Americans”
  • Vote accordingly.

Image From: “Alamance County Trump Convoy and Ride (2” (CC BY 2.0) by Anthony Crider