Share a Mask with a Friend or The Trash

Covid facemask broken on the ground

An environmental crisis came upon all of us. Since the Pandemic has started over 20 Trillion masks have been created and thrown away. Not to mention 80 Trillion Gallons of Hand Sanitizer and 800 Trillion Sanitizing wipes. These of course were all necessary to fight the common flu – I mean COVID-19. Somehow, we managed to survive longer than Al Gore thought but this time we might not be so lucky.

As time has gone on and ridiculous quantities of chemicals have been dumped on surfaces, we at DogFacePonia began to worry. What has happened to all the crazy environmentalists that used to say all this crap was destroying the environment. I wonder if they suffocated under their 65 masks. It was probably labeled a COVID Death so we will never know the truth.

Now, of course CNN will tell you the Pandemic is more likely to kill you than lawful gun owners. Climate Change with a touch of Ocean plastic is only number 3 (according to 98% of scientists funded by the Democratic party). What will happen when the pandemic is over? Will it is ever be over?

So we must do something to save the environment! As we see it, why not start reusing facemasks. We can even trade with others like a fun game. Are you tired of your facemask? Don’t throw it away!! Trade it with your best friend or enemy. Let them enjoy it for a while then just keep trading. You must do your part! This will save so much garbage from going into our landfills and oceans that we will almost be back to the environmental crisis we had before the start of the COVID pandemic.

We all know soon enough. The COVID pandemic will fade. If the MSM can’t create a new crisis (like Mars Attacks or something) to take away our rights, they will go back to tried and true things. Things like the environment and guns. But don’t let your guard or mask down a new variant still may be created due to the success of the first three phases. China is working on it now.

So share a mask or maybe just throw all the stupid fear away.

Image From: “Close-up of a used face mask thrown in t” (CC BY 2.0) by Ivan Radic