Liberal Logic

Liberals are nothing if not logical. They determine public policy by applying logic. Below are some of the logical conclusions they have arrived at.

  1. All women are people
  2. Some people are men.
  3. Thus some women are men.
  1. Presidents talk to heads of state.
  2. Kamala Harris talks to heads of state.
  3. Thus Kamala Harris is President.
  1. Some Republicans are white people
  2. Some white people are white supremacists
  3. Thus all Republicans are white supremacists
  1. Some pony soldiers have dogface ponies
  2. Some pony soldiers lie (allegedly)
  3. Thus DogFacePony soldiers are lyin to Biden

The more advanced logic goes if a Conservative weighs as much as a duck. Then they must be made of wood. If you burn them then 98% of scientists agree they cause climate change because they are Anti-Vaccine. Therefore, they must be witches, so we should burn them.

Clearly their conclusions are based on scientific logic and cannot be disputed. Democrats are not Ducking logic. It makes perfect sense 2 + 2 = 5, 2022(or greater) = 1984. This all helps us to understand the logic behind Biden’s higher than expected approval rating. Because the Party says so.

We here in DogfacePonia don’t really understand this logic. One of our pony soldiers was recently arrested for thought and logic crimes. We can only hope, ponies don’t weigh as much as ducks.

Image From : “DragonCon-2007-206” (CC BY-NC 2.0) by Foenix