CCP Agrees US has No Intellectual Property Worth Stealing

Caution Liberal at Work

Joe Biden announced that he has come to an agreement with the CCP. The Chinese will no longer steal American intellectual property.  This was accomplished by imbedding critical race theory, transgender bathroom policies, maternity jump suits for pregnant armed forces members and other woke ideas in our intellectual property. The Chinese felt these subversive ideas must be avoided at all costs.

The cost of sorting thru the documents for actual intelligence was deemed too expensive given the pervasiveness of the woke ideas. US companies must agree to not incorporate these ideas in any documents or policies if they wish to do business in China. The companies were excited to avoid having to teach CRT and to avoid having to have transgender health care and bathrooms.

The Quality of US Education has been degrading over the years and the search for truth and knowledge has been replaced. Most University study has been replaced with Search for more Genders, Ways to blame white males. and how to conform with the Liberal agenda.

“American education was once the world’s best but is now so loaded with woke Liberal nonsense that it is not worth stealing anything we don’t already have” said Xi Jinping “Also if we need anything from the United Sates we will just threaten to reveal the contents of Hunter’s Laptop”

We at DogFacePonia believe that Biden was able to accomplish this because his administration has a total lack of intelligence.

In other news, the United States has announced that UFOs now called UAP’s have not been sighted over the country in months. They are looking elsewhere for signs of intelligent life.

Image From: “sign” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Goldfish Stew