Socialists Confused! Wonder “Why don’t Americans like the CCP”

Famous Marxists partying together

Socialists AKA Democrats are confused. They think what’s not to like about China and the CCP?

  • Let’s see, they were very helpful in getting Hunter and Joe Biden J-O-B-S (a 3 letter word). The rest of us haven’t done as well but …
  • They helped American companies realize security vulnerabilities by hacking into 30,000 companies email servers
  • They had a 1 (now 2) child policy to show America the joys of abortion
  • They manipulate their currency to help us all out.
  • They buy Oil from our buddies in Iran.
  • They sell cheap windmill parts to us made using coal burning plants. This way we can meet the Paris accords goals even if China and France don’t.
  • They put lead paint in toys and arsenic in food to help our children grow strong.
  • They have the best Border wall in the world. It is an example to us of what a wall should be.
  • They shows us what real systematic racism looks like by oppressing minorities and people who have political opinions different that the CCP. They aspire to be like this toward Conservatives.
  • They sent a Virus that has killed thousands of people to America in order to stop Trump … Orange Man bad.

Now Democrats are using events such as the shooting in Atlanta to open a new front of racism (instead of China). The Democrats have long accused Conservatives, Christians and pretty much anyone who is white of being racist. Senator Tammy Duckworth (less) told Republicans to tone down the rhetoric on China. The only rhetoric that has been negative is toward the Chinese Communist Party and their virus.

“China is truly a glowing light of Socialism for the world. Why are Republicans so racist?” said Duckworth

We at Dogfaceponia try to avoid Democrats, Socialists and Dogfood made in China. Maybe if Democrats spent half as much time fighting China as they do fighting made up isms in America. We could all tone down the Rhetoric.

Image From: “Communist Party” (CC BY 2.0) by midiman