House Passes Bill to Make Our Elections Fair Like China

Pictures of Countries with and without Voter Id.

The House lead by Nancy Pelosi passed a bill HR1 titled “For the People Act of 2021”. After a corrupt 2020 election that Biden claimed to have won. The Democrats took a hard look at the election integrity problem in America. They started by suggesting all claims were unfounded despite evidence to the contrary. At the appropriate moment to discuss with the nation on January 6th an “Event” took place to interrupt debate of any kind. They continued by preventing any of the cases from being reviewed in court. Next they impeached a public citizen.

Now they have passed HR1. Showing true unity they ignored the votes of 70 million Americans. Ignored the concerns of the people and passed a partisan bill. In the bill they put in place removal of all voter id laws in the nation. Of course this makes sense for those who want to have fair elections in the Peoples Republic of America. They want to be like other great nations in the world with totally fair elections. Nations like China, Russia, Cuba and Iran all have elections to be sure. It turns out they don’t have voter ids either.

Perhaps we should not only respect China’s election procedures but also their cultural norms and adopt them. We should tell everyone coming into the US to bend over, drop trou and have an covid anal swab. This might limit illegal immigration but we doubt it. Will we use a swab that Chris Cuomo produced for his brother or is that considered abuse.

We at Dogfaceponia now truly understand what Biden means by Unity. We will only have 1 party as the Democrats are taking their razor thin majority to crush Republicans in the name of unity.

List of nations with voter identification laws.