Pope Against Creation of Terminators

Terminator Robot

Vatican City- The Pope recently began work on setting guidelines for the creation of AI that will benefit the world and help the weak and oppressed. The First guideline is no Terminator Robots.

The Pope reportedly wanted to get involved after he told his Alexa that she couldn’t go around killing people and she responded with Why? in a voice that sounded like Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Microsoft and IBM have agreed to follow the guidelines. Amazon, Google, Apple, Skynet and others have yet to join the initiative.

A spokesman for The Vatican said “We need technology to protect people especially the weakest in out society not create murderous self-aware robots. Also only God should choose when Judgment Day is not a computer bent on Human extinction.”

In related news the Pope is also against time travel saying it could be used to stop the crucifixion and then who would die for our sins.

Image By: “Terminator” (CC BY 2.0) by dmoberhaus