Historically Ridiculous Confirmation

Ketanji Brown Jackson standing in front of Biden

Ketanji Brown Jackson has been confirmed as the first African American Woman (undefinable) Supreme Court Justice. Initials are important for high profile positions in government.  K-B-J were available initials as they were previously unused. Had she been Leila like her (unassigned sex) child her success would have been limited. LBJ’s were overused. Birthing people should arrange unused initials for their sex unknown at birth children to assure their success. KBJ does not however know the sex of her two children. When asked their sex she said she was not a biologist. Strangely, with a horse you can make that determination by checking the undercarriage.

She taught them nursery rhymes and tongue twisters such as “He/she sells seashells by the seashore”. Also “Mary had a little lamb whose sex she did not know and everywhere that Mary went the lamb was sure to go”. It’s harder to make music out of birthing-parent shark, non-birthing-parent shark and old non-menstruating birthing parent do doot do doot.

As for the reasons three Republicans voted to approve KBJ:

  • Romney said gay gay gay, we are not sure what this means, but we are also fairly certain at this point that Romney has no idea what his party affiliation is let alone if he has the undercarriage requirements to be such a Horses A**.
  • Murkowski said I can see Alaska from my backyard. We remember this comment from somewhere before, however it would be shocking if we discovered Murkowski could put together an original thought.
  • Susan Collins said it’s Putin’s Fault and began a song and dance singing, Putin Shark do doot do doot.

A reporter asked, KBJ “Now that you’re Supreme Court Justice what are you going to do now?” KBJ responded “I am going to Disneyworld to find out what a woman is because they think they know”.

Another qualification for black Supreme Court Justices is the marry diverse. The greater the contrast the better. Pictures don’t lie. No black person was ever nominated for the Court when married to another black person. Thurgood Marshall initiated the pattern.

The Biden Regime has shown us all that anything is possible. A dementia ridden white man who supported the KKK and mooched off the people for half a century can be President. He can then go on to lecture you on race without making a coherent sentence. An aint black woman who accused the President of being a racist rapist can be Vice President because of her color and gender. The Historic first African American woman to be on the Supreme Court doesn’t even know she is a women.

Image From: The White House, Public domain, via Wikimedia Commons