Russia Cures Covid

Russian Military Vehicle

In an amazing turn of events Russia has cured Covid. How did they do it you ask? Did they use Ivermectin? Nope, they used tanks, bombs and airplanes to attack Ukraine. It is clearly appalling how Trump prevented this cure for Covid during his presidency.

The Main Stream media has always been the super spreader of Covid. They are over and over again pushing the narratives. Wear your masks, social distance and get your vaccination. All of which worked so well. Now Governors are lifting restrictions but you wouldn’t know it. Literally after 2 weeks 2 years of non-stop fear of death Covid reporting, it is cured by Russian tanks. The last time something was fixed this fast was when Covid fixed climate change (temporarily).

The Main Steam media had been losing audience since the Biden Regime came to power. In general, they are not allowed to question Brandon, AKA He-Who-Must-Not-Be Named. If they ask anything hard, he will complain, attack them, walk away or simply ignore the question. This is boring TV so they had mostly been talking about how we will all die of Covid. They were also saying we must get as many boosters as there are genders, conveniently no one even knows how many this is. So the MSM is excited for Ukraine and some new virtue signaling.

“Ukraine is a way better fear narrative” said one anonymous CNN Reporter. “Covid only killed 0.3% of those infected. WWIII and nuclear holocaust might kill everyone, so it makes a way better news story. ” It is working too. Ratings are up, people are getting afraid and maybe believing the media again (which hasn’t happened since around January 2021). Remember the best way to protect yourself from Nuclear Holocaust is to get vaccinated.

Putin is stepping up his game by destroying US BioLabs in Ukraine. The Main stream media is not sure how to handle these. A fact check literally tried to claim they don’t exist by saying they exist. Confused? Don’t worry. They will kill the story. When the war is over they will blame the non-existent destroyed labs for the release of a new pathogen.

We here at DogFacePonia think that Putin could be Nominated for 2 Nobel Prizes. The Nobel Prizes in Medicine for curing Covid and for the Mostly Peaceful Prize because he has been at least as peaceful as BLM and Obama. No doubt they will blame Trump for creating an energy independent USA thus preventing Putin from curing Covid sooner. I guess we will just need to sheep around until You-Know-Who tells us what to think.

In other news, JK Rowling, still believes there are two genders inflaming Liberals everywhere.

Image From: “S-400 Triumf” (CC BY 2.0) by Dmitriy Fomin