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Ivermectin Effectiveness May Be About Worms

DogFacePonia Medical has new findings on the much maligned anti-parasitic drug Ivermectin. It is called a horse de-wormer or worse by the Main Stream Media. Since CNN can’t tell the difference between News and a horse’s rear-end (where worms would live) so this assessment makes sense to them. We are told by this same source it does not kill Covid. We also know that it does not make any money for Merck (whose patent ran out), but it’s new COVID Drug probably will. So why does Ivermectin seem so effective? Well that it might have something to do with deworming after all.

“Ivermectin has been shown to inhibit the Replication of SARS-CoV-2 in cell cultures.” says the NIH. Yes, Flip Flopping Fauci runs NIH. They claim they do not yet have enough trials. We are sure they will take their time with Ivermectin and approve all vaccines as soon as possible instead. For now we will set this aside, as a much more interesting piece is also true. Ivermectin is a fantastic anti-parasitic possibly the best in the world at you guessed it, deworming and not just horses in humans as well. In 2015 a Nobel Prize was won for the discovery that it could be used in this fashion. We are not talking about Nobel Mostly Peaceful Prize typically reserved people like Barrack Obama this one is a different Nobel Prize for Physiology or Medicine.

Parasites and COVID

You may be scratching your head or bottom. What do worms or parasites have to do with COVID? The answer might be everything. We know that COVID has a 99.7% survival Rate because of this crazy thing we all have, known as an Immune System. You may have heard of it. So who dies from COVID-19? Well frequently those with pre-existing conditions that lead to weakened immune systems. Typically we hear obesity, diabetics, cancer, heart disease or old age. What we do not hear about is those infected with parasites. Do you know anyone who had a tape worm? Did you notice, they don’t typically have a strong immune system.

The most common worm infection in America (other than Biden) is pinworms, gross stuff we know. Three Million people report this blood sucking parasite and many more don’t know they have it. It lives in an out of the way place where the sun don’t shine. All these people could be cured of the worms with a few doses of Ivermectin. They probably don’t check for these as a preexisting condition when someone dies of COVID. However, it doesn’t take a medical genius to convince you if the parasites are dead and gone immunity in general is greatly improved. This is just like taking Vitamin C and D, it is cheap and effective. Ivermectin like HCQ (and vitamins) is off patent and is not a huge money maker. In fact, Merck donates that stuff. Big Parma loses and certainly doesn’t get Billions from world governments like it does for Delta, Omicron, Xi and Pi Super Boosters.

We at DogFacePonia know a few things about horse worms. All our Ponies are cancer and COVID free and I won’t say it is only because of HCQ. Many Americans may think blood sucking parasites are a 3rd world problem. However, we have many infections and I am not just talking about pinworms. I am talking about Congress, The Main Stream Media and Big Pharma. The cure might be to give the blood suckers in congress some Ivermectin or at least vote them out if we still can. Based on this information we recommend you avoid CNN and horse de-wormers. Instead, tell people you have pinworms and get a human dose.

Image From: “Ivermectin-Aufgriffe des Zolls seit Sept” (CC BY 2.0) by Bundesministerium für Finanzen

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