Omicron More Than Meets The Eye

Optimus Prime Toy Pointing

A new word is here and ready to freak you out! It is Omicron. Are you scared yet? No? But what is Omicron? Agents at DogFacePonia worked hard to find the answers to this pressing question.

What Is Omicron?

First and most importantly Omicron is an anagram for Moronic all you have to do is transform it. We learned nothing more important than this. If you believe we should have more lockdowns this anagram is for you.

Second, Omicron it is not new, actually it is quite old. It is the 15th Letter in the Greek Alphabet. So does that mean their are now 15 Corona viruses? Well no, They had to skip the 14th Letter Xi and the 13th Letter Nu. Xi because the murderous dictator in China would be sad. Incidentally the CCP in China released this virus on the world in Wuhan so the Xi Variant would have been the proper name. Nu was skipped because it sounds like new. We all know this is not new, it is the same variant garbage they played before.

Third Omicron is going to be the villain in the next Transformers Movie. There is more than meets the eye as we do not know that anyone has ever seen Omicron. In the movie, Optimus Prime takes on Omicron in an epic battle. Omicron in an amazing transformer. Omicron may be a He, an It or a they depending on what the gender of a robotic virus is. No matter, they are clearly a Decepticon. Just like the MSM they are adept at deceiving people. As soon as we figure out what it is, it will transform into a new more different variant. That way they can try to force a new booster. Michael Bay may get rich for this movie but not as rich as Pfizer.

We at DogFacePonia think they will run out of variant names soon. We only have 22 useable Greek letters (Xi and Nu excluded) and we are on 13. Will the Omega Variant be the last one? We Doubt it. They will need to add primes on the end. That way we can have Omicron Prime or better yet go with Transformers as variant names. Imagine a doctor saying “I am sorry sir you have the Megatron Variant.” Personally we want to get the Grimlock Variant. So we can go around saying “Me Grimlock Not Take 22 Boosters.”

Image From: “Optimus Prime” (CC BY 2.0) by inspiwrit