It’s not like China and UN are hiding their plans

UN Flag flying in the wind.

Dogfaceponia is many things at times. We tell Fairy Tales that have a moral and we write stories to expose the Truth. The Truth is that we have an agenda. Our agenda is to show that the media is hiding the truth. Interesting some of the most dangerous truths are not hidden at all.

In 2015, working with the Chinese Communist Party, the UN developed the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), aka UN Agenda 2030. The SDG which represents a comprehensive global effort to reform governments and the world economy to be more in line with what the UN considers to be sustainable. The CCP achieved their sustainable goals through forced abortions (one child per family), genocide and the forced harvesting of organs from dissenters.

As a part of this endeavor, it was determined that the blending of cultures and races throughout the world was necessary. To that end, the Obama Administration assisted the UN in development of the “Declaration for Refugees and Migrants” which eventually led to the “Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration” (GMC).

In 2018, over 150 of the UN’s poorer member states adopted the “Global Compact for Safe, Orderly and Regular Migration” (GMC) and established a “Network for Migration” throughout the world to facilitate mass migration from poorer countries into wealthier ones, most recently in Iraq.

UN representatives state that the SDG represents a “master plan for humanity” that will “transform our world.” Certainly, by moving millions of refugees from one country that does not want them to another that does not want them either is bound to cause some change.

When this first came to light in 2018, the Trump administration rejected any involvement in the GMC, seeing it as a flagrant attack on sovereignty. Other world governments followed suit. These target countries view immigration as a domestic policy issue and reject UN guidance. The Trump administration successfully sought to reduce illegal immigration and some forms of legal immigration into the United States in favor of merit-based programs.

Trump’s policies did not sit well with the UN. According to UN Officials, moving people from poorer countries to richer ones just makes sense. Countries like the United States are better equipped to handle the fiscal burden. Research backs them up, in 2002 households headed by illegal aliens cost the federal government $26.3 billion while paying in $16 billion in taxes. The net fiscal deficit of $10.4 billion came from their use of welfare programs, such as: SSI (Supplemental Security Income for low-income elderly and disabled), TANF (Temporary Assistance to Needy Families), WIC (Women, Infants, and Children food program), free/reduced school lunch, the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (food stamps), Medicaid (health insurance for those with low incomes), public housing and rent subsidies.

Early in 2021, the Biden regime won praise from the GMC, most notably for stopping work on the southern border wall and increasing the number being allowed to enter. The organization boasts that it has assisted the United States with case processing, pre-departure health assessments, cultural orientation and transportation of Central American migrants. They have no comment on why so many arriving at the border are testing covid-positive.

Kim, the UN spokesperson for the Network on Migration Communications, indicates that the goal of the UN is to support poorer governments as they deal with countries like the USA which were not on board with open migration. She also states that attempting to stop mass migration is futile. “You can build all the walls in the world that you want, but it will not.” She went on to say that the UN looks forward to working with the Biden administration to foster positive impacts in the communities accepting the migrants, similar to those achieved in other countries. One wonders if she is referring to the “no-go zones”, rapes or perhaps the increase in child abuses.