The CDC Deathcult

Cultist with Skull for a Face

The CDC wants you dead. Don’t take it personally. They want everyone dead or at least those not in the cool kids club (cult) also known as the elite. You see they like statistics and death is their favorite one. They like to measure, remeasure, manufacture and manipulate those numbers.

The CDC has become a cult. It has everything any good cult needs.

  • It has a Prophet in Fauci – Whatever he says must be true. It doesn’t matter if he flip flops it’s divinely scientific revelation.
  • It has Kool-Aid in the Vaccine. You must not think for yourself! The leader say take it and so you must. It comes in 3 flavors J&J, Moderna and Pfizer. Fruit Punch will be ready next year. In the past, only cult members were told to take the Kool-aid. In this instance, it is everyone else who is expected to take it. Members of Congress, the Employees of Pfizer, Moderna, FDA, CDC and the Post Office are not required to drink. I suppose they need to be the ones who remain to greet the aliens when they arrive.
  • They don’t need logic only faith. It can’t even get numbers like deaths right in Florida. It has said PCR tests are wrong but nobody is looking at the totals for numbers of cases and deaths? They are all totally right. It’s like Thanos snapping his fingers now half the recorded deaths are Covid. In the end, everyone dies but the CDC cult seems to want everyone to die of Covid. The Kool-aid is top notch it doesn’t hurt anybody. Everything is awesome!
  • They are very persuasive like any good cult. Inject our stuff or you will all die, they say! They tell us even though 99.8% of people survive the super-cold, you need the Kool-aid. Follow the Science they say. Who controls the “Science”? Just like any good cult, they do!! When you get to the hospital totally take Remdesivir, it works trust us. All the other medicines like Aspirin, HCQ and Ivermectin are totally heretical because they don’t make any money. Every good cult needs money and they sure seem to be making a lot off Covid these days.
  • They also keep predicting an impending apocalypse or doom. The next variant will totally kill everyone. You will be twice as dead as before. Here comes the Zombie apocalypse.

We here at DogFacePonia are more interested in which “Conspiracy Theory” will come true next. Instead of focusing on the CDC cult worship, the CDC Cult can’t even figure out how many masks to wear or if you even should at all. Here is a thought, maybe limited oxygen supply is limiting the effectiveness of mental acuity of people. But drink your Kool-Aid and follow the science right off the cliff.

Image From: “Graffiti at St. Peter’s Seminary” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Strength