Media outraged as Trump Runs Post Office Like a Business

The media is outraged. The Trump Administration has gone too far this time. Reorganization has been announced at the post office after it lost $2 billion. Many (useless?) Post office executives lost their jobs because of cost cutting measures frequently implemented in struggling businesses. The Post Office was set to potentially run out of money by October.

Nancy Pelosi said “The is an outrage, clearly Trump is trying to have the Post Office make money, it hasn’t done that in more than 30 years. Everyone knows The Post Office’s job is to do full scale mail-in ballot manipulation, not make money.”

Their is fear in Washington, that The Trump administration could turn to other parts of the government next to trim the fat. Many poor useless government bureaucrats could be left unemployed. With no desirable skills other than creating red tape, what will they do? Their overly generous pensions, might not allow them to just retire as multi-millionaires.

If the Government is run like an efficient business how will it be able to keep creating useless jobs, useless regulations and keep growing to take over more and more of the private sector.

Image From: “USA Forever” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Dick Thompson Sandian