The Fauci-nator

Crazed Woman in Fauci Mask

Dr. Anthony ‘Faucinator’ Fauci, at the CNN State of the Union was more or less in full candor. He started the interview in a typical way by saying “Listen to me, if you want to Live”. Then he Completely missed the clear question about the science behind continuing to wear masks, even for those who are apparently fully vaccinated. In full disregard for sanity, blathered on about the differences between being ‘safe’ and ‘relative risks’. The Faucinator made heads spin with his assertion that fully vaccinated people will become a virus store house and start spreading to unvaccinated persons of interest.

We here at DogFacePonia, are stunned that any vaccinated person would even have the gall to even try to spread a virus they themselves were vaccinated against. It would ultimately seem to be a self defeating purpose, when you can’t get your Rock Star Bucks coffee or that North West-face jacket. Because a Vaxxed person got their friendly neighbor hood marxist sick before they themselves had time to que up for the shot.

We had our science department look into the science behind Vaccinated people being infectious. Scientific History we found, may not be kind to the hocus-pocus currently being presented as Science in this modern day forum. We must ask, what is your end game Faucinator? Are you here to save the kid, or the AI? Certainly not the Economy.

Image From: “Anthony Fauci mask” (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0) by Lorianne DiSabato