CDC Wants To Require Covid ID to Vote

Covid Vaccination Record Card

The CDC looking at instituting a new policy. In many states, if you are voting in person, you must show photo identification at the polls in order to vote. Now the CDC wants a voter must present a Covid vaccination card in lieu of other required voter ID. The vaccination ID would be mandatory, other Voter ID is not required.  This is a concession to states which require voter ID.

The House is considering adding this change to HR 1 and HR 4 given the recent reversal of CDC rulings on evictions by the Supreme Court. In other words, Democrats have agreed to accept this voter ID substitution to satisfy opponents. Here is the proposed change to HR1: Eliminate voter ID and require voters to present a vaccination ID. It is also noted that Zombies and dead people will still be able to vote as long as they can provide vaccination ID.

Stacy Abrams said “This is a great was to stop the suppression of the Dead vote in Georgia.” Abrams plans to work with the CDC to get exemptions for people that died of COVID before vaccinations were available. Some Democrats are arguing that only people with “White Privilege” should need to provide COVID ID to vote.

The Post Office has agreed to institute a sanitation process for any mail-in ballots. They already scan and sniff letters and packages for anthrax so they are all over it. In the wake of these attacks, the US Postal Service (USPS) installed a system of electronic noses in mail processing facilities around the country designed to sniff out the deadly bacteria. Original efforts to sniff out Covid have resulted in the destruction of many ballots marked R. When the Chief Postal Inspector determines that there is a credible threat that certain mail may contain items that would endanger life, the Chief Postal Inspector may, without a search warrant or the sender’s or addressee’s consent, authorize the screening of such mail by any means. They can read your ballot for your protection. Dangerous contents would include votes for Trump or Trump endorsed candidates. Dangerous mail will be destroyed after keeping a list of offenders.

Ballot harvesting will similarly be limited to vaccinated persons. This is a win-win for Democrats because they can not collect ballots from suspected unvaccinated voters. They may alternatively collect and destroy them for the safety of the election commission. Poll watchers and judges must be fully vaccinated as well.

In other news, there is a shortage of Republican judges in many districts. Counties nationwide are advertising for vaccinated judges only. The advertisement also says no pants, no problem. There is also inflation in price to purchase fake vaccination IDs. Though if you plan to get one just be sure they write Moderna instead of Maderna.

Image From: “Hand holding a COVID-19 vaccination reco” (CC BY 2.0) by