The Tooth Fairy, Santa and the Post Office

National Tooth Fairy Day August 22

In 1927, Esther Watkins Arnold brought the tooth fairy to life in an eight-page playlet named The Tooth Fairy. Children, were on board. These future capitalists placed their lost teeth under their pillows at night.

During WWII, children, future patriots, received War Stamps when they lost a tooth. Currently, led by AOC and her Progressive pen-pal program, children are receiving postage stamps to contribute to saving the Post Office and to write Santa. 

Coin shortage hits retailers, laundromats, tooth fairy.  A young girl wrote the tooth fairy saying she’ll accept dollars or a MAGA hat as a substitute – a true capitalist.  Slot machines are silent and Casinos are taking huge losses.

At this time, Nancy Pelosi says you can’t put a price tag on a letter to Santa Claus or the Tooth Fairy.  We believe Democrats are preparing to blame the Republicans for delayed Christmas presents because Santa didn’t get the letter. Not sure what tragedy the post office could avert by not delivering tooth fairy letters though but give Dems a chance. They’ll find one.

What can we do? In many Postal Service facilities around the country, postal employees provide handwritten responses signed by Santa just as they fill out and return ballots that are undeliverable. It’s a tradition.  Santa letters are sorted by sex and family size while ballots are sorted by Red, White and Blue envelopes.

Democrats believe that Post Office failures are intentional and demand an impeachment investigation if Trump is re-elected. Pelosi says mail your Santa letters early and often like your ballots to make sure Trump cannot adversely effect Christmas.  Dead people should send Santa letters as well. If dead people can vote, they should be able to get Christmas presents.  Santa letters and tooth fairy letters have been found laying around in bins undelivered, as have ballots. These failures related to Santa and the Tooth Fairy are sufficient to produce outrage and create support for impeachment. You can pretty much impeach for anything especially distressed children.

Let Trump know how you feel about the failure of the post office to carefully deliver Santa and Tooth Fairy letters. But remember if you use the mail, it might not get there.

Read about the PostOffice handling of voting:

Image From : “AB546_Santa_4a” (Public Domain) by State Archives of North Carolina