All Ballots Matter

In order to make certain everyone gets their vote counted, we at DogFacePonia suggest extending the time that votes can be submitted and counted.   Voters should no longer be required to mail their votes in by election day. Which might me we all get a relief from the incessant register to vote ads.

It is oppressive that election day falls in the late fall when weather is often nasty.  This clearly favors Republicans who turn out in those circumstances. Democrats on the other hand are fair weather voters and their right to vote needs to be protected.

The suggestion has been made that June is the right month for final mail voting to be accepted. Early voting should begin in June and mail-in ballots should be accepted until the beginning of the following June. By taking these steps. voters can pick a nice day (Democrats) or an inclement day (Republicans) to vote. Democrats complain that climate change could unfairly alter the number of days in each category but we at DogFacePonia believe that is just an excuse given the expansion of the election Season. This way CNN can constantly make up anti-trump news all year round. (This is pretty much how they do it now anyways,)

Early voting and mail-in ballots have made it easier for the lazy to vote.  It is no surprise that Democrats like mail-in voting (draw your own conclusion).  It protects the right of the dead to vote and extends the blackout time when a Justice to the Supreme Court can be nominated and approved.

Image From: “Grab” (Public Domain) by Marvin Moose