Delta Airlines to Merge with Corona Beer

Plane with Corona Beer Ad written on it.

Corona Beer maker Constellation Brands has reached an agreement to merge with Delta Airlines. This new company will be called Delta Corona. The two companies have been conspiring for awhile now but finally closed the deal. Fauci recently suggested Vaccines for Air Travel. Delta Corona will be accepting a number of different Vaccinations including immunity brought by drinking Corona Beer.

Planes with have 2 sections for Vaccinated and Unvaccinated. In order to board the flight, you must be over 21. You will need to provide proof of vaccine or proof of purchase for Corona Extra, Corona Familiar or Corona Light. If Proof of Corona Beer purchase is not provided you will need to sit in the unvaccinated section regardless of your Covid vaccination status. In the Unvaccinated section you will be forced to drink at least 6 Corona beers during the duration of the flight to ensure your safety. You will need to pay full airplane price of 10.99 per Beer. Those sitting in the Corona Vaccinated section will receive free samples of the new Corona Delta Beer as well as other variants. The Airline will also serve its Flu Beer so people can say they Flu on Delta Corona.

Find Your Beach!

The new company will provide trips to Covid hot stops like Wuhan, Portland, Israel, India and the Border. This will help Corona drinkers find their beach. Corona is also looking to prove the efficacy of Corona inoculation so it can receive full FDA approval. By merging with Delta, they have found a way to test against the delta virus as well. Now Corona can be your Vaccine Passport!

Constellation Brands CEO said “At the beginning of the Pandemic, we were concerned that our name might hurt sales so we have been expanding into Vaccines and now air travel.” Sales are expected to soar for Corona Delta as people get to travel that have only had the Corona Vaccinations rather than taking the jab. This is pretty much that way all the vaccines have worked, to make companies like Pfizer rich. They basically get force their products on everyone. Delta Corona just wants it’s cut.

We here in DogFacePonia are planning to catch a flight on the new airline as a booster for our earlier Corona inoculation. We wonder will Dos X come out with an inoculation beer as well? It could get interesting.

Image From: “Aeromexico Boeing 737-8Z9(WL) / N342AM –” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by -XE1JPP-