Challenge at the Border

Storage Containers used as housing

A team of high level White House people were sent to the border to observe the challenging situation there. The Team challenged the caravan to a soccer game.

Housing for the event was arranged by the governor of Texas at the Hilton Cargo Inn. The Inn has individual cozy cabins made from cargo containers. Interior decorators have created a serene ambiance with butterfly wallpaper. Security includes ICE officers and barred windows. Unfortunately, the hotel was overbooked so personnel had to share cabins with immigrant children who don’t wear masks. The Children may be Covid positive (nobody cares).

The accommodations are just walking distance to Central American countries with tours directed by coyotes. After losing the Soccer (Football whatever) challenge, The representatives of the White House went to examine one of 18 holes in the Walls. While examining they were trampled by hundreds of undocumented workers going to work in the United States. Donald Trump was planning a new golf course for the 18 holes (Trump Golf Links, Sonoran Desert) . The Team also lost their golf round.

When their stay at the Cargo Inn was over, they were given a bus ticket and released into the interior. Some of the shipping containers went missing and might have been shipped to China but this is unconfirmed. The remaining representatives were not allowed to fly back to Washington unless they quarantined for 14 days in the remaining shipping containers. Some have attempted to join the caravan on the way to Washington in hopes of getting back untested.

In the end it seems nothing was discovered other than a new golf course. The whole immigration situation will be ignored like it always is when Democrats are in the Whitehouse. We here at Dogfaceponia are pretty sure the Democrats with circle back to this in 2025 when Biden is no longer President.

Image From: “Shipping container houses” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by DeepakG