DogFacePonia Does Not Comply With Biden Math

Horse Scratching Bottom on Fence Pole

The Biden Administration believes the vaccine mandates have been wildly successful overall. Only the jobs report disappointed. The Regime had expected a half million jobs created but only 195 thousand were created. That despite the fact that more than 500 thousand workers were fired because of the vaccine mandates. This should have resulted in a higher-than-expected number of jobs created (read vacated), over 695 thousand.

The unemployment rate dropped which was a cause for celebration. This was no surprise because those fired because of the vaccine mandate are not entitled to unemployment compensation, in fact, they are not allowed to work. They are not counted in the unemployment numbers but are removed from the overall employment number. The more people you fire the lower unemployment goes. Win-win.

Many companies show a large increase in the percentage vaccinated after the vaccine mandate was announced. Never mind that the rate went up to 99% from 68% after firing 31% of their workers. This new Math is now being used to make it all look great. Plus we hear Social Security is helping our Seniors by raising the COLA to 5.9% the largest bump since 1982. They care so much for Seniors! That or they are admitting that Inflation is crushing seniors. Bigger is not always better and government math is about as accurate as CNN Polls.

DogFacePonia does not comply with these Mandates or Mathematics. We will immediately be labeled as Anti-Vaxxers and Anti-Common Core!! The funny thing is we do not have 100 employees. We might have 100 Ponies, We need to count them again. We most certainly have more than 100 deep-cover agents. However, we keep losing them and we are not sure they qualify as employees under the confusing governmental donkey discharge. We do know 100% of our employees, agents, ponies, and contractors have the same vaccination status, none of our (or the government’s) gosh darn business. That is what freedom is. We have provided them with HCQ and Ivermectin, which they can take if they choose. We hope to be worm-free and ready to go just like Uganda. Because with Biden’s mathematics and policies the US Economy will be like Uganda soon enough.

Image From: Pony Scratching Butt on Post | Linda Rain 714 | Flickr