PayPal Running Scared after DogFacePonia Labels them as Extreme

Deleted Wall Mural

DogFacePonia for about a year has had a PayPal donation link on its site. It has now been deleted and our PayPal account is closed. We have let Paypal know the exact second in which we discontinued our business relationship. We really felt the need to let them know personally that they would lose hundreds of cents in business.

We invited the CEO to our garage but he was too busy. The team came up with other ways to express our disappointment to PayPal. One Soldier said we should put a pony tail in the bed of the CEO. This would have definitely given us some amazing press. However, none of our daughters or ponies were willing to volunteer to provide a tail. We then waited in a 6 hour phone queue but got no where. Thus, It seems our invitation to PayPal for negotiations has turned down. We thought they were our Pals. We are certain this means they are really disappointed in themselves for losing our business. This is a huge blow to PayPal.

PayPal Extreme

As for PayPal, they have signed up with the (Anti-)Defamation League to block Extremist Groups. What is an Extremist Group you might say?! Mostly, so far it has been Independent journalists who use PayPal to receive donations to pay the journalists for their work. They are extreme because they believe that the public deserves information on the Covid Vaccines. Certainly some are more extreme like wanting to know what really happened on January 6th. They may call themselves bi-partisan but it does not seem to be the case. Some of these extreme Journalists tried to expose things they didn’t like in the Trump Administration but PayPal didn’t cut them off then.

Certainly the Biden Regime would like you to believe that there are White Nationalist Groups and that are extremely dangerous. However, they label all 75 million people that voted for Trump as White Supremacist and throw in Libertarians to boot. The Regime thinks they might be dangerous because they can vote him out of office and they Ain’t Black. It seems many things could be viewed as extreme.

DogFacePonia also hopes to be extreme, but as our good friend Obi-Wan Kenobi always says almost anything can be true from a certain perspective. What we tell you is true. That is why we deleted PayPal. We wanted to get ahead of the curve. We want to be extremely funny or extremely critical of the Main Stream Media. Most of the time, we are just extremely disappointed in the Biden Regime. As for Paypal (and Venmo) we here at DogFacePonia recommend you do business with someone less extreme.

Image From : “deleted” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Mike Towber