New Poll Shows Biden Ahead by Triple Digits

Polls now show Joe Biden leading Donald Trump by triple digits. A recent New York Times/Siena College poll had Trump at 36% and Biden at 50% but a new poll commissioned by DogFacePonia showed 135% of those polled favored Biden while only 25% favored Trump.

World News reports Trump mulls quitting presidential race if polls don’t improve.  This Poll could be the final nail in the reelection coffin.  Republicans who were already skeptical of recent polls find these results demoralizing.

This poll is based on the registered voters to be sent ballots under Democratic plans.  Since registered voters in the United States are reported to significantly exceed adult US citizens, pollsters had to adjust for this in their results. Most of the excess voters were in areas like LA and Detroit which are heavily Democratic. That explains why there can be a result exceeding 100% of US citizens.

Trump is taking solace in the fact that another DogFacePonia poll shows that Biden is losing to bidet. This question was previously discussed in detail and finally has produced polling results.