J.K. Rowling Confirms Theory

In a shocking reveal, J.K. Rowling has announced that all the characters in the Harry Potter novels are not real and that magic does not exist. Muggles of the world are now planning peaceful protests. One protest organizer said, “How can we be expected to believe the lies in the media today?” Another Muggle exclaimed, “Donald Trump is President and we are supposed to believe this story that magic is not real. We are not stupid. The media can lie to us all they want, we know the truth.”

These MFA (Magic For All) protest groups are expected to continue to protest despite the denials from formidable media personalities. MFA stands strong in the belief that we are being controlled by powerful magic users who spin us stories on CCN, FOX, MSNBC, etc. The Group claims we need to rise up and demand equal Magic for All.

Donald Trump continues to say that Magic is Fake but he seems to call things fake a lot. It is expected that powerful magic users will cast a spell so these protests and/or riots will not be covered accurately in the news.